An international shipping agency oriented towards trade operation optimization, becoming strategic partners for our clients.


To provide a high end agency service driven by qualified professionals who are passionate about the shipping and trading industry.


To contribute to the continuous development of the shipping industry together with our clients through trust and innovation.

our commitment

The financial and strategic protection of our clients interests through trustworthy relationships and years experience.

About US

Trust, Expertise and Experience

We are a professional team with over 80 years of joint worldwide experience within the shipping industry.

We are passionate about what we do, instilling our core values.

Our Services

Throughout years of experience in the Shipping industry, we have developed thorough expertise and knowhow in several fields.

Port Agent

Acting as Full Port Agents is our core business. Looking out for your interests and protecting your budget at port sites is what we know to do the best.

Protecting Agent

We have a solid record of being both, Owner’s Protecting Agents and Charterer’s Protecting Agents where we managed to improve port stays significantly, discussing with Port Agents and terminals better conditions for our clients and being actively involved in the all-around operation.

Port Captain Services

A distinctive point of our shipping agency is our solid in-house port captain service from our vastly experienced personnel.

Owners andHusbandry

We thrive to make the port call not only efficient and quick for Owners and Charterers but also for the Managers and assure a pleasant stay for the crew while in our ports.

Magellan Strait Pilotage Coordinations

We have been doing Magellan Strait Pilotages for years and are well versed in these particular coordination to make it the most pleasing operations for you and your crew.


In Chile, there are very few suppliers and we know it can be a mess sometimes. For you, it is of paramount importance to receive your bunkers as fast as possible within the accorded window but it Chile, it is not unusual to suffer delays.

Documentary Agent

This service reaches from taking care around all your BL-needs, when it is solely issuing and manifesting before customs or also when you wish for taking care of your commercial relations with your end customers listed in the Master or House Bs/L.

Stevedore Services

We connect our expertise in serval segments with our know-how around the shipping business and will gladly be the reliable stevedoring company of your choice when it comes to handling your cargo in the Chilean public terminals.


If you need a logistics solution for your regular or project cargo, may it be inland, air- or maritime freight, don’t hesitate to approach us and we’d be more than glad to get the job done for you.

Our Team

Throughout years of experience in the Shipping industry, we have developed thorough expertise and knowhow in several fields.